This letter is to apologize to the authors of the paper titled “Geochemical approach in the identification of pollutants in water and sediments of the river Ibar”, by Zoran Milićević, Dragan Marinović, Đorđe Jovanović, Gordana Gajica, Milica Kašanin-Grubin, Verka Jovanović, Branimir Jovančićević.

In the course of the processing of this manuscript, submitted to the Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society (JSCS), some errors have been made by the editorial team, or more precisely stated, by the corresponding Sub-Editor and the Editor-in-Chief. The consequence was the incorrect statement, considering the unethical behaviour of the authors, which was posted by the JSCS Journal Manager (JSCS Web Master), without anyone’s approval, at a “JSCS” Facebook page, which is also not owned by the Serbian Chemical Society nor JSCS.

As such an incorrect interpretation can harm the scientific reputation of the authors, as well as of the Journal, the Presidency of the Serbian Chemical Society considered this apology as necessary.

JSCS Environmental Chemistry Sub-Editor
Bojan Radak

JSCS Editor- in- Chief
Branislav Nikolić