Synthesis and characterization of novel benzimidazole embedded 1,3,5-trisubstituted pyrazolines as antimicrobial agents

Gopal K Padhy, Jagadeesh Panda, Ajaya K Behera


An efficient synthesis of some new substituted pyrazoline derivatives linked to substituted benzimidazole scaffold was performed by multistep reaction sequences. All the synthesized compounds were characterized using elemental analysis and spectral studies (IR, 1D-2D NMR techniques and mass spectrometry). The synthesized compounds were screened for their antimicrobial activity against selective gram positive, gram negative bacteria and fungi strain. The compounds with halo substituted phenyl group at C-5 of the 1-phenyl pyrazoline ring (15, 16 and 17) showed significant antibacterial activity. Among the screened compounds, 17 showed most potent inhibitory activity (MIC = 64 µ mL-1) against bacterial strain. The tested compounds were found to be almost inactive against fungal strain C. albicans apart from Pyrazoline-1-carbothiomide 21, which was moderately active.


chlacone; pyrazoline; diastereotopic protons; antibacterial activity; antifungal activity

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