Extraction of chlorophyll from pandan leaves using ethanol and mass transfer study

Meilana Dharma Putra, Agus Darmawan, Ilham Wahdini, Ahmed E. Abasaeed


: Green pigments are used in many industries including food, drinks, soap and cosmetics industries. Chlorophyll can substitute synthetic dyes which may affect health. Chlorophyll can be extracted from pandan leaves; the pandan crop grows in many tropical areas. The effects of temperature, 30-70 oC and agitation speed, 100-400 rpm on chlorophyll extraction from pandan leaves using ethanol and the evaluation of mass transfer coefficient using dimensionless analysis were investigated. The optimum condition of extraction was obtained at 60 °C and 300 rpm; the chlorophyll concentration was 107.1 mg L-1. The volumetric mass transfer coefficient increased with the increasing temperature and agitation speed. Determination of volumetric mass transfer coefficient and dimensionless correlations are useful for further process development or industrial applications.


green pigments; chlorophyll; solvent extraction; dimensionless; temperature; agitation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2298/JSC161203038P


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