Solid-liquid phase equilibria in the ternary systems H2O+ZnCl2+NaCl at temperatures of 298, 313 and 333 K Scientific paper

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Sevilay Demirci
Vedat Adıgüzel
Omer Sahin


In this study, an economic separation method was suggested with the use of phase equilibria in order to ensure the recycling of ZnCl2 whose industrial waste amount is very high and to prevent it to form an environmental pollution. Sodium chloride-zinc chloride-water systems were examined with the isothermal method at temperatures of 298, 313 and 333 K. The analyses of the liquid and solid phases were used to determine the composition of the solid phase using the Schreinemakers graphic method. The solid-liquid phase equilibrium and viscosity data belonging to all ternary systems were identified and the solubility and viscosity changes with temperature were compared. The viscosity values were inversely proportional to the temperature as the amount of ZnCl2 in the solution increased. NaCl, 2NaCl ZnCl2 nH2O (n: 2, 0), ZnCl2 salts were observed at 298, 313, 333 K in the solid phases which are at equilibrium with the liquid phase at the invariant point.

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S. Demirci, V. Adıgüzel, and O. Sahin, “Solid-liquid phase equilibria in the ternary systems H2O+ZnCl2+NaCl at temperatures of 298, 313 and 333 K: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., Jul. 2021.


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