Groundwater quality assessment of protected aquatic eco-systems in cross-border areas of Serbia and Croatia Scientific paper

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Boris Obrovski
Ivana Mihajlović
Mirjana Vojinović Miloradov
Maja Sremački
Ivan Španik
Maja Petrović


Research results define basis for specific monitoring programs of groundwater quality in wetland eco-systems in Serbia and Croatia. The main pur­pose of the research was to determine the impact of nonpoint diffuse source pollution on the groundwater quality, as well as seasonal variations on the con­centration levels of selected physicochemical parameters. Statistical analyses, PCA, HCA, ANOVA and t-test, encompass 18 monitored parameters in ground­water. Statistical data indicated that protected area in Serbia has a sig­ni­ficantly higher load of pollution from agricultural activities compared to Wet­lands Tom­po­jevci. The highest load in groundwater was detected from total nitrogen, ammonia and nitrogen anions, indicating contamination of ground­water by nit­ro­gen-based fertilizers. The results obtained within the two-year seasonal moni­toring program, from 2018 to 2020, are highly essential for achieving a com­prehensive database that could be used as platform for high-quality groundwater management in selected protected areas with the aim of minimizing environ­mental pollution.


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B. Obrovski, I. Mihajlović, M. Vojinović Miloradov, M. Sremački, I. Španik, and M. Petrović, “Groundwater quality assessment of protected aquatic eco-systems in cross-border areas of Serbia and Croatia: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 1, pp. 121–132, Jan. 2022.
In Memoriam Issue Devoted to Prof. Petar Pfendt


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