Room temperature zeolitization of boiler slag from a Bulgarian thermal power plant

Radost Dimitrova Pascova, Valeria B. Stoyanova, Annie S. Shoumkova


A simple and cost-effective method was applied for the synthesis of zeolite composites utilising wet bottom boiler slag from the Bulgarian coal-
-fired thermal power plant “Sviloza”, near the town of Svishtov. The method consisted of a prolonged alkali treatment at room temperature of this waste. Experimental techniques, such as scanning electron microscopy, energy-dis­persive X-ray and X-ray diffraction analyses, were employed to characterize the initial slag and the final products with respect to their morphology, and ele­mental and mineral compositions. The composites synthesized in this way contained two Na-type zeolite phases: zeolite X (type FAU) and zeolite Linde F (type EDI). The zeolited products and the starting slag were tested as ads­orbents for a textile dye (Malachite Green) from aqueous solutions. In com­parison with the initial slag, the zeolite composite possessed substantially better adsorption properties: it almost completely adsorbed the dye in much shorter times. The results of this investigations revealed a new, easy and low cost route for recycling boiler slag into a material with good adsorption characteristics, which could find different applications, e.g., for purifying polluted waters, including those from the textile industry.


waste recycling; zeolite X; zeolite Linde F(Na); dye removal; adsorption.


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