Properties of double W/O/W emulsions containing vitamin C and E stabilized with gelatin/sodium caseinate complex

Jadranka Fraj, Lidija Petrović, Jelena Milinković Budinčić, Jaroslav Katona, Sandra Bučko, Ljiljana Spasojević


Double emulsions are complex liquid dispersion systems, in which the droplets of one dispersed liquid are further dispersed in another liquid, producing W/O/W or O/W/O emulsions. W/O/W emulsions are most studied systems because they have great potential application. However, despite all the advantages, which these systems offer, it is very difficult to obtain stable formulations, and this is the reason for their limited practical application. The use of biopolymers to stabilize double emulsions could give rise to pharmaceutical and food applications. Based on our previous studies, we selected appropriate concentrations of gelatin and sodium caseinate to investigate the possibility of stabilization double W/O/W emulsions by this system, if they are present in the outer aqueous phase. Investigations showed that interactions between gelatin and NaCN in outer water phase, as well as composition of the mixtures of lipohilic emulsifiers used for primary W/O emulsions preparation, influences droplets size and sedimentation stability of double emulsions. The most stable emulsions were obtained at NaCN concentration when insoluble coacervate forms (0.5% (w / w)) and at concentrations higher then this, when soluble negatively charged complexes adsorb at the oil/water interface. 


double emulsions; biopolymers; proteins; interactions; coacervation

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