Porous amphiphilic biogel from facile chemo-biosynthetic route

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Syed Mohammad Daniel Syed Mohamed
M. Suffian M. Annuar
Thorsten Heidelberg
Nor Faezah Ansari
Nor Hidayah Ismail


Grafting of medium-chain-length poly-3-hydroxyalkanoates (mcl-PHA) with glycerol 1,3-diglycerolate diacrylate (GDD) in acetone was per­formed using benzoyl peroxide as the initiator. A detailed mechanism scheme provides significant improvement to previous literature. Radical-mediated grafting generated ab carbon inter-linking of mcl-PHA and GDD, resulting in a macromolecular structure with gel properties. The thermal properties of the copolymer for different graft yields were investigated as a function of initiator concentration, GDD monomer concentration, incubation period and tempera­ture. The water absorption and porosity of the gel were significantly improved relative to neat mcl-PHA.


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S. M. D. Syed Mohamed, M. S. M. Annuar, T. Heidelberg, N. F. Ansari, and N. H. Ismail, “Porous amphiphilic biogel from facile chemo-biosynthetic route”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 85, no. 3, pp. 353–367, Mar. 2020.


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