The effect of yeast extract addition on bread quality parameters

Vladimir Slavko Filipović, Jelena Slavko Filipović, Vesna Milorad Vučurović, Vesna Božidar Radovanović, Milenko Božidar Košutić, Nebojša Đorđe Novković, Nataša Boriša Vukelić


The effects of yeast extract addition, with varied quantities of salt and sugar, on the chemical and mineral composition, colour and sensory properties of spelt bread, in order to obtain new products were investigated. The addition of 5 % yeast extract positively influenced the mineral characteristics and inc­reased protein content by 30.77 %. As a salt substitution, addition of yeast extract improved appearance without deteriorating texture descriptors and breadcrumb quality, while the taste became more complex, but without inc­reasing salty taste. Addition of sugar in samples with yeast extract, improved most sensory characteristics. The developed mathematical models of bread with yeast extract quality parameters were statistically significant, indicating the satisfactory approximation of the bread quality parameters within the varied formula. Bread samples with addition of 5 % yeast extract, 1.5 % of salt and 0 % sugar were determined as the best from the aspect of overall quality. A new product was obtained with good total quality, higher level of nutritional value and reduced salt content.


salt reduction; protein enriched product; nutritional value; mathe¬matical models


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