Ambient air particles: The use of ion chromatography and multivariate techniques in the analysis of water-soluble substances Scientific paper

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Žaklina N. Todorović
Jelena M. Radulović
Ivana D. Sredović Ignjatović
Ljubiša M. Ignjatović
Antonije E. Onjia


Seventeen water-soluble substances (of sodium, ammonium, potas­sium, magnesium, calcium, formate, methanesulfonate, glyoxylate, chloride, nitrite, nitrate, glutarate, succinate, malate, malonate, sulfate and oxalate) in 94 samples of particle matter in the ambient air, collected over ten months, in a suburb of Belgrade (Serbia), were determined by ion chromatography. To apportion the sources of the air pollution, the log-transformed data were pro­cessed by applying multivariate techniques. Principal component and factor analysis identified three main factors controlling the data variability: stationary combustion processes with the highest loadings of oxalate, malonate and mal­ate; landfill emission and secondary inorganic aerosol characterized by high levels of ammonium, nitrate and sulfate; a contribution of mineral dust com­posed of magnesium, calcium and chloride. The hierarchical cluster analysis pointed out a differentiation of the samples into five groups belonging to dif­ferent variables inputs. For the classification of ambient air samples using nine selected ions, the recognition ability of linear discriminant analysis, k-nearest neighbors, and soft independent modeling of class analogy were 87.0, 94.6, and 97.8 %, respectively. Time-series analysis showed that the traffic emission is more pronounced in winter in contrast to the mineral dust influence, while the effect of waste combustion exhibits no trend.

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Žaklina N. Todorović, J. M. Radulović, I. D. Sredović Ignjatović, L. M. Ignjatović, and A. E. Onjia, “Ambient air particles: The use of ion chromatography and multivariate techniques in the analysis of water-soluble substances: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 86, no. 7-8, pp. 753-766, Aug. 2021.
Environmental Chemistry


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