Examination and optimization of lignocellulolytic activity of Stereum gausapatum F28 on beechwood sawdust supplemented with molasses stillage Scientific paper

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Jelena Jović
Jian Hao
Ljiljana Mojović


This study provides a detailed analysis of the lignocellulolytic act­ivity of a new isolate Stereum gausapatum F28, a Serbian autochthonous fungi, on beechwood sawdust supplemented with cheap waste, sugar beet molasses still­age. Advanced multiple response optimization techniques were applied to imp­rove ligninolytic and reduce hydrolytic activity as a requirement for poten­tial biorefinery use. The applied techniques were supposed to select cultivation conditions that would give manganese peroxidase and laccase activities above 0.84 and 0.12 U g-1 substrate, respectively, and cellulase and xylanase activities below 1.12 and 1.4 U g-1 substrate. The optimal cultivation conditions that met the set requirements included molasses stillage concentration of 10 %, substrate moisture content of 53 %, incubation temperature of 23.5 °C, and pH 5.2. The research showed that the addition of molasses stillage had a positive effect on enzyme production and that the optimal stillage concentration differed depend­ing on the enzyme type (for laccase it was <5 %, manganese peroxidase ≈12 %, cellulase ≈21 % and xylanase ≈16 %), which should be taken into consider­ation when optimizing the desired process.


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J. Jović, J. Hao, and L. Mojović, “Examination and optimization of lignocellulolytic activity of Stereum gausapatum F28 on beechwood sawdust supplemented with molasses stillage: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 4, pp. 437–450, Nov. 2021.
Biochemistry & Biotechnology


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