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Published: 2021-05-26

Synthesis of new derivatives of alepterolic acid via click chemistry

Scientific paper

Xin Jin, Jianguo Cao, Qingjie Zhao, Qi Wang, Hongmei Guo, Akber Aisa Haji, Guozheng Huang

Macroelements versus toxic elements in selected wild edible mushrooms of the Russulacea family from Serbia

Scientific paper

Marija Dimitrijević, Violeta Mitić, Dragan Đorđević, Gordana Popović, Nenad Krstić, Jelena Nikolić, Vesna Stankov Jovanović

DNA protective activity of triterpenoids isolated from medicinal mushroom Fomitopsis betulina

Short Communication

Ivana Sofrenić, Boban Anđelković, Ljubodrag Vujisić, Miroslav Novaković, Aleksandar Knežević , Miroslava Stanković, Slobodan Milosavljević, Vele Tešević

Bioleaching of copper, zinc and gold from a polymetallic ore flotation concentrate from the Čoka Marin deposit (Serbia)

Scientific paper

Jelena Avdalović, Tatjana Šilević-Knudsen, Biljana Dojčinović, Vesna Conić, Jun Yao, Chao Lu, Miroslav M. Vrvić