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Vol. 86 No. 7-8 (2021)

Published: 2021-08-01

Quantitative structure-activity relationship modelling of influenza М2 ion channels inhibitors

Scientific paper

Ivanka G. Stankova, Radoslav L. Chayrov, Michaela Schmidtke, Dancho L. Danalev, Liudmila N. Ognichenko, Anatoly G Artemenko, Valery A. Shapkin, Victor E. Kuz'min


Synthesis and biological profiling of novel isocoumarin derivatives and related compounds

Scientific paper

Milena Radovan Simić, Slavica Erić, Ivan Borić, Annamaria Lubelska, Gniewomir Latacz, Katarzyna Kieć-Kononowicz, Sandra Vojnović, Jasmina Nikodinović-Runić, Vladimir Savić


Statistical optimization of bioethanol production from waste bread hydrolysate

Scientific paper

Katarina R. Mihajlovski, Marija Milić, Danijela Pecarski, Suzana Dimitrijević-Branković


Crystal structure of K3EuSi2O7

Scientific paper

Sabina Kovač, Predrag Dabić, Aleksandar Kremenović


Organophosphorous pesticide removal from water by graphene-based materials – Only adsorption or something else as well?

Scientific paper

Vladan Anićijević, Marko Jelić, Aleksandar Jovanović, Nebojša Potkonjak, Igor Pašti, Tamara Lazarević-Pašti


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