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Published: 2021-08-24

The use of biological markers in organic geochemical investigations of the origin and geological history of crude oils (I) and in the assessment of oil pollution of rivers and river sediments of Serbia (II)


Branimir S. Jovančićević, Gordana Đ. Gajica, Gorica D. Veselinović, Milica P. Kašanin-Grubin, Tatjana М. Šolevic Knudsen, Snežana R. Štrbac, Aleksandra M. Šajnović

Benzene-1,3-diol derivatives as the inhibitors of butyrylcholinesterase: An emergent target of Alzheimer’s disease

Yin Dongliang, Syeda Abidda Ejaz, Mubashir Aziz, Amna Saeed, Samina Ejaz, Muhammad Sajjad Bilal, Hafriz Mohammad Kashif Mahmoud , Syeda Tehmina Ejaz

Beech sawdust based adsorbents for solid-phase extraction of pesticides and pharmaceuticals

Scientific paper

Marija Vukčević, Marina M. Maletić, Tatjana Đurkić, Biljana Babić, Ana Kalijadis

Distribution and provenance of heavy metals in sediments of the Vrbas River, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Scientific paper

Sanja Pržulj, Ana Radojičić, Milica Kašanin-Grubin, Dušica Pešević, Sanja Stojadinović, Branimir Jovančićević, Gorica Veselinović