On atom-bond connectivity molecule structure descriptors

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Boris Furtula
Ivan Gutman
Kinkar Ch Das


The atom-bond connectivity index (ABC) is a degree-based molecular structure descriptor with well-documented chemical applications. In 2010 a distance-based new variant of this index (ABCGG) has been proposed. Until now, the relation between ABC and ABCGG has not been analyzed. In this paper, we establish the basic characteristics of this relation. In particular, ABC and ABCGG are not correlated and both cases and may occur in the case of (structurally similar) molecules. However, in the case of benzenoid hydrocarbons, ABC always exceeds ABCGG .


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B. Furtula, I. Gutman, and K. C. Das, “On atom-bond connectivity molecule structure descriptors”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 81, no. 3, pp. 271–276, Apr. 2016.
Theoretical Chemistry