Five wild-growing Artemisia (Asteraceae) species from Serbia and Montenegro: Essential oil composition and its chemophenetic significance Scientific paper

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Maja Radulović
Nemanja Rajčević
Milan Gavrilović
Jelica Novaković
Danijela Stešević
Petar D. Marin
Peđa Janaćković


In this work, the essential oils (EOs) obtained by hydrodistillation from the aerial parts of five Artemisia species: A. alba Turra, A. pontica L., A. scoparia Waldst. & Kitam., A. vulgaris L., originating from Serbia and A. umbelliformis Lam. subsp. eriantha (Ten.) Vallès-Xirau & Oliva Brañas, ori­gin­ating from Montenegro were analyzed by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectro­metry (GC/MS). In total, 91 compounds were detected, and 78 were identified. Even though a high number of compounds were detected, each sample had only 18 to 35, attesting to a great diversity of compounds within these taxa. Depending on the species and the locality (geographical origin), the EO was dominated by either monoterpenes or sesquiterpenes, with artemisia ketone, 1,8-cineole (eucal­yptol), fragranol, α-thujone, β-thujone and myrcene being the dominant com­pounds. The obtained results were coupled with exten­sive literature data and used in multivariate chemometric approach to assess the chemophenetic significance of the EO.


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M. Radulović, “Five wild-growing Artemisia (Asteraceae) species from Serbia and Montenegro: Essential oil composition and its chemophenetic significance: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 86, no. 12, pp. 1281–1290, Dec. 2021.
Theme issue honoring Professor Emeritus Slobodan Milosavljević's 80th birthday


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