Immobilization of natural betalain pigments in inorganic hosts Scientific paper

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Ligia Todan
Daniela C. Culita
Mirabela E. Soare
Rodica M. Ion
Radu C. Fierascu
Maria Maganu


In search of new food-grade pH sensitive formulations, red beet ext­ract rich in betacyanin was included in different inorganic matrices based on silica and aluminosilicate to improve the stability of the dye. By the direct method of encapsulation of the pigments in silica support, stabilizing agents such as inclusion complex forming β-cyclodextrin and ascorbic acid were added. The post loading system assumes the synthesis of porous silica and alu­minosilicate powders and the adsorption of the beet extract by these supports. The unloaded carriers were structurally and texturally characterized (X-ray dif­fraction, FTIR, N2-physisorption). The presence of betanin, approved as a red food colorant, was evidenced by UV–Vis spectroscopy in all the hosts. Color properties were investigated as well as the pH generated color variations of the powders exposed to ammonia in the head-space of a sealed vessel. The obtained results could widen the field of applications of beet extract, the pre­pared eco­logical formulations could provide added value to edible products packaging.


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L. Todan, D. C. . Culita, M. E. Soare, R. M. Ion, R. C. Fierascu, and M. Maganu, “Immobilization of natural betalain pigments in inorganic hosts: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 89, no. 1, pp. 29–38, Feb. 2024.
Inorganic Chemistry
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Ligia Todan, Ilie Murgulescu Institute of Physical Chemistry, Romanian Academ

Material Science and advanced characterization methods


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