Flavonoid derivatives as anticancer moiety and its effect on cancer cell lines: An updated review Survey

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Chandramouli Manojmouli
Thoppalada Yunus Pasha
Koppuravuri Nagaprashanth
Beevinahalli Ramesh
Noor Ul Eain
Kardigere Nagaraju Purushotham


Cancer is now considered the number one leading cause of premature death in industrialized countries. Chemotherapy drugs are quite expensive and cause multiple side effects. Natural products have been studied in depth for their potential as anticancer agents because of their remarkable chemical vari­ab­il­ity. Among the various natural metabolites, flavonoids are secondary meta­bolites that are extensively present in nature, have potent anti-cancer pro­perties, have few adverse effects, and also show synergistic benefits. Numerous laboratories are diligently investigating the chemistry and biology of novel fla­vo­noid derivatives due to the demand for and value of these drugs. In this survay, we have summarized clinical trials of various flavonoids, molecular pathways against various cancer cell lines and recent updates on the anticancer activity of flavonoid derivatives against various cancer cells synthesized by various methods, more studies are needed to develop the following mentioned flavonoid derivatives as an anticancer drug.


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C. Manojmouli, T. Yunus Pasha, K. Nagaprashanth, B. Ramesh, N. U. . Eain, and K. N. Purushotham, “Flavonoid derivatives as anticancer moiety and its effect on cancer cell lines: An updated review: Survey”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 88, no. 10, pp. 937–957, Oct. 2023.
Organic Chemistry


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