Synthesis of novel phthalimido oxime pseudoesters and evaluation of their cytotoxicity

Asma Mehrez, Ibtisem Chakroun, Dalila Mtat, Hedi Ben Mansour, Ridha Toauti


A series of novel optically pure oxime pseudoesters derivatives were syn­thesized by the reaction of substitute keto oximes with various N-sub­sti­tuted α-amino acids chlorides in the presence of triethylamine and dichloro­methane at 0 °C, and their structures were characterized by IR and 1D-NMR methods. The synthesized compounds were tested for their ability to inhibit the proli­feration of human colon cancer cells and human epithelial cells. Some of them were revealed to have a significant cytotoxic effect.


oxime esters; α-amino acids; stereoselective; cytotoxic; biological activity; enantiomer.


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