Ionic-interaction of aqueous and alcoholic poly(vinyl alcohol) in presence of protons

Saima Naz, Rehana Saeed


The ionic-interactions of acetic acid in H2O-PVOH and H2O-Alcohol-PVOH solvent systems were studied at different temperatures by viscosity method. The viscosities of the poly(vinyl alcohol) were increased with the increase in the concentration of poly(vinyl alcohol) and decreased with the increase in the concentration of acetic acid. The viscosity data were used to evaluate the ion-ion interactions and ion-solvent interactions in terms of ‘A’ and ‘B’ coefficients of the Jones-Dole equation respectively. The negative values of B-coefficient increased with increase in temperature showed that acid behaves as structure breaker in poly(vinyl alcohol)-solvent mixtures and consequently the values of A-coefficient were decreased with the rise of temperature. Thermodynamic parameters such as energy of activation (Ea*), free energy change of activation (∆G*) and entropy change of activation (∆S*) were also calculated as a function of acid (CH3COOH) concentration, poly(vinyl alcohol) composition, alcohols, and temperature.


vviscosity; alcohols; ion-solvent interaction; thermodynamic parameters

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