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Removal of Pb(II) from waste-water using activated carbon prepared from the seeds of Reptonia buxifolia

Muhammad Bilal, Javed Ali, Noushad Hussain, Muhammad Umar, Shaukat Shujah, Daud Ahmad


The potential of activated carbon as a cheap bioadsorbent prepared from Reptonia Buxifolia seeds, for the removal of Pb(II) from waste-water was investigated. The morphology and structure of the prepared activated carbon was characterized using different techniques. Adsorption phenomenon was studied by varying the metal ion concentration, contact time, temperature, and pH, in a batch process. The SEM results showed that the thermal treatment significantly altered the topography of synthesized activated carbon due to formation of numerous pores on the surface of adsorbent. At equilibrium, the Langmuir model gave a better fit to the adsorption isotherm results than the Freundlich model. Kinetics data indicate that equilibrium is established within the first 60 minutes. The results showed that activated carbon obtained from seeds of Reptonia buxifolia have the potential to be used as alternative economical biosorbent for the removal of heavy metals from waste water.


bioadsorbent; thermal treatment, adsorption model

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