Modelling of gas–particle partitioning of PAHs according to ab/adsorption approach Scientific paper

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Mirjana Vojinović Miloradov
Maja Turk Sekulić
Lazar Ignjatović
Smilja Krajinović
Dragan Adamović
Jelena Radonić


The new approach of the study was to assess the consistency between the gas–particle partition coefficients of 16 EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) predicted by the Dachs–Eisenreich ab/ad­sorption model and the experimental results obtained within the field measurements. A total number of 29 air samples was obtained at 9 locations in Serbia. High volume air sampler was applied, with quartz filters for collecting the atmospheric particles and polyurethane foam filters (PUF) for retaining the free gas molecules of PAHs. The results predicted by the model and the experimental data were compared. The devi­ations between the mea­sured and predicted f (fraction) values were less than one order of magnitude for Flo, Phe, Ant, Flu, Pyr, B(a)A and Chr. For the PAHs with high molecular mass, B(b)F, B(k)F, B(a)P, I(1,2,3-cd)P, D(ah)A and B(ghi)P, very good agree­ment was confirmed, except for the data measured at the Oil refinery in Pan­čevo. The applied model under­esti­mated the concen­trations of PAHs in gas-phase for the low-molecular mass PAHs.


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M. Vojinović Miloradov, M. Turk Sekulić, L. Ignjatović, S. Krajinović, D. Adamović, and J. Radonić, “Modelling of gas–particle partitioning of PAHs according to ab/adsorption approach: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 1, pp. 157–168, Jan. 2022.
In Memoriam Issue Devoted to Prof. Petar Pfendt


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