Apparent molar volumes Vf of calcium acetate (Ca(CH3COO)2 (aq)) at T=(273.15 to 353.15) K and pressures up to 100 MPa

Duygu Uysal Ziraman, Javid T. Safarov, Özkan Murat Doğan, Egon P. Hassel, Bekir Zühtü Uysal


Pressure, density and temperature (p, ρ, T) data and apparent molar volumes, Vfo, of aqueous calcium acetate solutions Ca(CH3COO)2(aq) over a wide range of temperatures from 273.15 to 353.15 K, pressures up to p = 100 MPa and molalities m, of 0.04918, 0.09367, 0.23797, 0.36365, 0.85923, 1.06930, 1.35223 and 1.81668 mol×kg-1 of Ca(CH3COO)2 are reported. The combined expanded uncertainty of the density (ρ) measurements at the 95 % confidence level with a coverage factor of k = 2 was estimated to be Uc(ρ) = ±0.3 kg∙m‐3. The measurements were realized with an Anton Paar DMA HPM vibration tube density meter. The system was calibrated using double-distilled water, aqueous NaCl solutions, methanol, toluene and acetone. An equation of state for fitting of the (p, ρ, T) data of aqueous calcium acetate was developed as a function of pressure, temperature and molality. After a thorough analysis of literature values and validity of the constructed equation of state, various thermophysical properties, such as isothermal compressibility, isobaric thermal expansibility, differences in isobaric and isochoric heat cap­acities, thermal pressure coefficient and internal pressure at the investigated state parameter int­ervals were calculated.


density; aqueous calcium acetate solution; apparent molar volume; isothermal compressibility; isobaric thermal expansibility


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