The use of clinoptilolite as an ammonia adsorbent and a nitrogen carrier to be used in grass production

Jelana Milovanović, Susanne Eich-Greatorex, Tore Krogstad, Vesna Rakic, Nevenka Rajic


The clinoptilolite-rich tuff (NZ) from Zlatokop deposit (Vranjska Banja, Serbia) has been studied as a nitrogen carrier for grass production. Mechanism of binding ammonium cations present in water solutions by NZ has been examined as well as possibility of adsorption of ammonia released in fresh cattle manure during its fermentation. The NH4+ binding from solutions proceeds via an ion-exchange process which follows the pseudo-second-order kinetics. Adsorption isotherms studied at 298-318 K follow the Freundlich isotherm equation. The NZ readily adsorbs ammonia liberated from manure and an addition of 10 wt.% of NZ to manure can preserve up to 90% of ammonia. The potential benefit of this effect has been examined in greenhouse pot experiments with the Italian ryegrass using three different types of soil (silty, clayey and sandy). The zeta potential measurements show that stability of their colloidal dispersions differs mutually and that addition of the NZ differently affects the stability and nitrogen cycling. All results indicate that NZ can be applied in grass production.


zeolites; manure; Freundlich isotherm; soil; Italian ryegrass

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