Influence of boron doping on characteristics of glucose-based hydrothermal carbons Scientific paper

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Ana Kalijadis
Marina Maletić
Anđelika Bjelajac
Biljana Babić
Tamara Minović Arsić
Marija Vukčević


In this study, the influence of boron doping on structural and surface properties of carbon material synthesized by a hydrothermal method was inves­tigated, and the obtained results were compared with the previously published influence that boron has on characteristics of carbonized boron-doped hydro­thermal carbons (CHTCB). Hydrothermal carbons doped with boron (HTCB) were obtained by the hydrothermal synthesis of glucose solutions with different nominal concentrations of boric acid. It was found that glucose based hydro­thermal carbon does not have developed porosity, and the presence of boron in their structure has insignificant influence on it. On the contrary, additional car­bonization increases the specific surface area of the undoped sample, while an increase in boron content drastically decreases the specific surface area. Boron doping leads to a decrease in the amount of surface oxygen groups, for both, hydrothermally synthesized and additionally carbonized materials. Raman ana­lysis showed that the boron content does not affect a structural arrangement of the HTCB samples, and Raman structural parameters show a higher degree of disorder, compared to the CHTCB samples. Comparison of structural and sur­face characteristics of hydrothermal carbons and carbonized materials contri­butes to the study of the so far, insufficiently clarified influence that boron incorporation has on the material characteristics.


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A. Kalijadis, M. Maletić, A. Bjelajac, B. Babić, T. Minović Arsić, and M. . Vukcevic, “Influence of boron doping on characteristics of glucose-based hydrothermal carbons: Scientific paper”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 87, no. 6, pp. 749–760, Feb. 2022.

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