A survey on the characterization and biological activity of isatin derivatives

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Saša Drmanić
Predrag Petrović
Dominik Brkić
Aleksandar Marinković
Jasmina Nikolić


The derivatives of isatin have already been known to display a vari­ety of biological activities. Therefore, the studies on their activity and its rel­ation to structure have recently become a popular subject for investigation. The examined compounds were synthesized by the reaction of isatin and substituted primary amines and characterized by spectroscopic methods. The investigation of the antimicrobial and antioxidative activity of the synthesized compounds was performed by broth microdilution method. As for the characterization of the investigated isatin based Schiff bases, the linear solvation energy relation­ships (LSER) were used to analyze the solvent influence on the UV absorption maxima shifts (nmax), using the well known Kamlet–Taft model and taking geometrical isomers into consideration when possible. Linear free energy rel­at­ionships (LFER) were used to analyze substituent effect on pKa, as well as NMR chemical shifts and nmax values. The antimicrobial activity and charac­terization were related using both experimental and theoretical methods.


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S. Drmanić, P. Petrović, D. Brkić, A. Marinković, and J. Nikolić, “A survey on the characterization and biological activity of isatin derivatives”, J. Serb. Chem. Soc., vol. 85, no. 8, pp. 979–1000, Aug. 2020.


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